• Before

  • Natural look and feel
  • No mowing
  • No watering
  • No mud
  • Safe for children
  • Suitable for pets
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Professional installation available

We are passionate about Artificial Grass and offer the very best quality,
luxury grasses for Residential and Commercial uses.

We Supply Artificial grass and offer a professional installation service within the South Yorkshire area.
Covering Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Worksop.



Why not visit our show garden when choosing your artificial grass?

We have an example lawn and many samples and information in our office.

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Child Friendly
No more muddy feet or patchy areas from playing games.
pet friendly artificial grass
Pet Friendly
No more muddy paws and no dead patches from pet wee.
maintenance free lawns in sheffield
No More Mowing
No more mowing allowing more leisure time.
no more watering, image of wet grass
No Watering
No need to water and no more sun bleached lawns.
no more feeding
No Feeding
No need to spend money on lawn feeds.
image of drainage holes in artificial grass backing
Drainage Pre-punched
Pre punched holes allow free surface drainage.
Looks Great All Year
An artificial lawn looks great whatever the weather.
image of latex backed artificial grass roll
Latex Backing
All our artficial grasses are latex backed.

Green Exteriors has established itself as South Yorkshires biggest artificial grass fitters and installers. Our products are perfect for those who want a mud-free and low maintenance garden all year round. Our artificial grass has allowed thousands of home owners to ditch the lawnmower and dig up their natural turf in favour of a garden that looks neat and tidy 365 days a year.

Green Exteriors has an impressive portfolio of artificial turf in a variety of different colours, textures and pile heights. As the renowned market specialist, we have a high quality product to suit all requirements; we have installed our realistic looking grasses to lawns, patios, pool sides and putting greens up and down the country.

The quality of our products speaks for itself and is very popular commercially as a low maintenance solution for business, hotels, pubs, schools and nursery’s.

To find out more about ditching your lawn mower, please call us now for a no obligation FREE quote on 01709 839844 or 07539 944454 or Email

close up of fake turf

The Benefits Of An Artificial Or Fake Grass Lawn In Sheffield

Artificial grass continues to enjoy significant success year after year and for good reason. It’s no longer a preserve of sports fields; its use has stretched out to commercial, residential and recreational spaces not just in Sheffield but the world over.

Do you own a beautiful and well-manicured natural lawn? Congratulations! But does it bother you that over winter you have to endure stubborn mud and patches, and come summer, the ground is dry, dusty and often ugly?

How about maintenance, does the hustle and cost of doing it bug you? Well, we understand that for some it’s probably worse than this. But just take a moment today and learn all that there’s to gain when you replace your natural lawn with an artificial turf.

All-weather capability

Install a fake lawn and one thing you will forget almost immediately is worrying about the effect the weather could have on your lawn. It won’t die off or be baked until it turns brown by a blazing sun. Neither will rain soak it until it turns into mud or something worse.

Of course you will be required to give the fake grass a little maintenance just to keep it in it’s perfect state but this, as you will see, isn’t something that you need to worry about. It’s easy and quick to do.

Another thing worth noting is that it is good for the environment. You don’t need pesticides or related chemicals. Insects and bugs don’t have a home in this kind of grass. And since it doesn’t grow, you also won’t need to feed it lots of water.

Low maintenance

Let’s face it, keeping a natural lawn fresh, lush and green all year around calls for serious maintenance work. This means investing considerable time and money. You will have to water it, fertilize it and keep it healthy by keeping pests and other hazards away and so on.

In the case of products, you will need to pour your money into owning all the necessary pesticides, fertilisers, and equipment needed to take care of the natural lawn. On top of all these, there’s the effort you have to put in to make this work.

But why punish yourself when an artificial lawn could save you from all that. Of course there is the initial investment for installation, but this can never outweigh the long-term benefits you stand to gain when it comes to maintenance.

In the long run, artificial grass will save a lot of time, energy and money and best of all, help for home, in place commercial or sport use, and to keep the environment better for us all.

You can see some of our recent jobs in the images below.

Pet Friendly

An artificial lawn can take tough punishment and not be affected. Whether it’s the sun’s  ultra-violet rays, heavy Yorkshire rain, rough play or the wear and tear caused by pets. It can also resist pet urine. And don’t worry that your dog will be uncomfortable with this new kind of grass, because they don’t. Dogs treat this kind of grass as they would natural grass.

More important to note is that your pet is sure going to enjoy its experience on the turf. And since they are permeable, all waste, including that of your dog will wash through as on a natural lawn.

Keep in mind that chemicals such as fertilizers that we use on regular lawns are hazardous to the health of your pet. An artificial grass lawn doesn’t require any of that which means your pet is going to be safe.


As we mentioned earlier, this kind of grass has been made to endure all kinds of wear and tear, and is made to stringent industry standards. Installing it means you will no longer endure muddy patches or worry about your dog digging holes. It can resist such damages and this makes it last longer.

Aesthetically appealing

Who would want to miss the chance to enjoy the pure elegance, lushness, and comfort a fake turf garden brings? It’s pleasing to the senses and is be one of those investments you will never regret to have made.

Want to give your garden or lawn a new and better look? You can bet on artificial grass. We have the skill, resources, and experience needed to do this.

Give us a call today and book your free at home consultation.

new laid grass
side of house grass and wall
beautiful lawned garden with borders
long garden with new astroturf
garden with grass, borders and path
new laid lawn in hillsborough
new maintenance free lawn and decking
lawn laid up to pergola