Artificial Turf In Sheffield – Perfect For Our Yorkshire Weather

The changing faces of Yorkshire weather could be good news to some people but to those with natural lawns, this means something else. If not the bald patches and muddy paw prints during winter then you’ll be battling to save your natural lawn from dying off or being caked brown during summer.

Specific areas in Sheffield and beyond usually suffer moss as result of poor soil combined with bad drainage. To be on the safer
side, you have to install drainage channels and add quality top soil to keep this hazards away which is costly. So is there a better alternative? Definitely Yes.

Artificial lawns were made for this and are an excellent choice for anyone in Sheffield who looks to having a lawn that can survive all kinds of weather.

Harsh Weather Resistant

There isn’t much to tell part natural grass from the artificial grass beside the fact the latter is made out of synthetic fibres. Well, this is precisely the reason why it can endure the harsh Yorkshire weather. Whether it’s the heavy rains, snow or ice that accompany winter, an artificial turf is made to survive them all. You may ask how?

First there’s the easy maintenance meaning you won’t spend your resources to keep it in shape during such times. A quick brush once a week to rid it of leaves and other debris is enough to keep it looking lush and fresh.

The turf is also permeable and so even if temperatures drop, the snow or frost will melt and automatically drain through the turf.

Hot climates often bring with them water shortages. If you own a natural lawn you will end up spending hugely on water expenses not to mention re-levelling and extensive maintenance especially after winter.

Usually, a typical artificial lawn or turf will only consume anywhere between 500,000 – 1 million gallons of water a year. Compared to the natural lawn, the fake lawn can save up to 8 billion gallons of water a year.

Even during summer or hot climate, the fake grass makes for an excellent choice. In fact, all year around, even in the hottest of climates, UV stabilisation helps the turf to survive it without losing its beautiful appearance.

Commercial, Residential and Recreational benefits

Gardens, schools, residents or recreational facilities in Sheffield can benefit from this weather resistant turfs in so many ways. The most common is that none of the activities in either of these places will be halted until further notice just because it’s raining heavily or snowing.

In fact, one can even erect canopies over the area covered by the installed lawn and so irrespective of the weather, playtime will always be playti

Our rich experience and expertise have enabled us to identify what’s appropriate for every person or organisation when it comes to installation of synthetic grass in Sheffield.

You can trust us to do the same for you. Give us a call on…and we’ll be glad to give you a quotation as well as discuss your requirements or any other concerns you may have.