The benefits of artificial grass in Sheffield

The benefits of artificial grass in Sheffield

The English countryside like the environs of Sheffield is well known for its beautiful lush, green landscape. It would, therefore, be unseemly to have a patchy lawn especially in the midst of Sheffield city. Remember, the English lawn is a labor of love with precise mowing, watering and fertilizer. However, seasons can be brutal to nature and one might just find themselves with a patchy lawn after all.

The arrival of artificial grass has been instrumental in maintaining a beautiful lawn for many properties in Sheffield. With the many benefits of having artificial turf, more people are stepping into the future and investing in it to keep their premises attractive.

Below are some of the benefits derived from artificial grass that are enjoyed by residents of Sheffield



Because of changing seasons, natural grass tends to be seasonal as well. During the wet season you have the option of watering and growing the grass but come the hotter months you witness all your hard work wither away. With artificial grass, you have no reason to worry about what season it is. The turf stays the same in the cold and warm weather for years to come.

Environment friendly

Synthetic grass does not need fertilizer to grow. Some fertilizer shave been known to have unsafe chemicals that find their way into your home when one walks through the lawn and enters the house. These chemicals are harmful to your family with your children and pets being more susceptible to coming into contact with them during their play.

The environment is also a huge beneficiary of this lawn option as no chemicals are released into it. This translates to healthy ecosystems around your home which benefit you and your loved ones.


Saves on water and energy

Artificial grass needs no water to grow and no mowing to stay neat and precise. As a result, the amount of energy expended in mowing a lawn is better spent elsewhere when one has a synthetic lawn. The water bills are also mitigated owing to no water being used to grow grass.

Good drainage

Nothing ruins a great day outdoors on your lawn than wet puddles from rain that poured two days ago. Natural grass has a tendency to retain water because it depends on the drainage of the soil. Artificial grass, on the other hand, has built in drainage which allows runoff to drain away cleanly. It also dries quickly so you do not have water patches after being on the lawn.


Ideal for business premises

This does not mean only commercial properties but also encompasses leased residential buildings with multiple tenants. Rented properties tend to bear the brunt of damaged natural grass. Tenants will not want to contend with rising water bills and the cost of mowing lawns especially if they have to pay for the services. This results in neglect and by extension a violation of the tenement rules. An artificial lawn allows you to have happy tenants who do not have to keep paying high costs for the maintenance of a lawn.

Sheffield is the fourth largest city in England. As such, it is home to big commercial names and a large local population. Artificial grass has become the only way to keep the city looking pristine. And it has worked wonders for the overall face of the city.