Install Fake Grass And Enjoy A Maintenance Free Sheffield Garden

Imagine a lush green lawn with grass so precise and symmetrical, it calls out an invitation to walk through barefoot. Now envision such lawns all over homes, parks, play grounds, schools, hospitals and company premises.

The rush for such appealing lawns (synthetic lawns) is growing as more people own homes and premises and want the beauty that comes with manicured outdoors.

Why an artificial lawn?

Protagonists for fake grass make their case by citing the many environmental faux pas of live grass. Below we compare live grass face to face with the artificial one with regard to upkeep.

Water wastage

Live grass:

To attain a velvety carpet of lush grass, live grass requires a sprinkler system. This translates to the use of huge amounts of water to maintain the grass. In times of drought, the maintenance can infringe on water needed for far more important use.

Artificial grass:

This kind of lawn requires no watering making it a water conserving option especially in dry or desert climate areas.


Live grass:

Beautiful as live lawns are, sustaining them and keeping them lush can be a seasonal affair depending on the climatic changes. A dry spell can mean no water thus curbing your ability to keep the lawn green let alone lush.


Although installing one is quite costly, this one time cost is possibly the only huge sum you will spend on this lawn. Synthetic grass has been known to have a life expectancy of 25 years and upwards. It also needs no round the clock manicuring hence chances of damage are little to none.

Aesthetically superior:

Live grass:

We concede that this is arguable depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on (or perhaps which lawn you are sitting on). However, it is much harder to achieve the right aesthetic on a live lawn owing to nature and her unpredictability.


Since these lawns do not depend on nature for endowments, they can be manipulated and tweaked to achieve varied textures, colors and lengths of the blades. This ensures that clients receive their preferred mix on the carpet and these aspects remain constant.


Live grass:

There are many things that go into maintaining the lushness and green hue of a lawn. From water and fertilizer to mowing and trimming, the cost of keeping a live lawn beautiful can be astronomical.


Unlike the impression that most people have that fake lawns needs no tending to, they do need maintenance albeit very minimal. For example, rain will clean your faux turf for you but in case it doesn’t rain a light sprinkle will wash away the dust.

From cities like Dubai and Doha in desert environments to English ones like Sheffield, artificial turfs have become a saving grace across the board.

Sheffield city

While many people can understand the need for this kind of grass in Dubai, why the demand in Sheffield city? After all, the city is nestled within seven hills and a confluence of five rivers. Indeed it is, however, it is characterized by carboniferous soil which is not ideal for agriculture (or in this case lush lawns).

Sheffield has long been associated with stainless steel and is the home of stainless steel in the UK. In fact, when the name Sheffield city comes up people associate it with grit stone, fire clay, iron ore and peat fields.

The five rivers act as power sources to drive industries rather than water systems for agriculture. This makes synthetic turfs a perfect option for an all year round beautiful lawn.