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October 12, 2017
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November 9, 2017
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We all know by now that artificial grass has many advantages

over a traditional lawn.

Artificial grass continues to enjoy significant success year after year and for good reason. It’s no longer a preserve of sports fields; its use has stretched out to commercial, residential and recreational spaces.

Some of the more obvious advantages are:

All-weather capability

Install a fake lawn and one thing you will forget almost immediately is worrying about the effect the weather could have on your lawn. It won’t die off or be baked until it turns brown by a blazing sun. Neither will rain soak it until it turns into mud or something worse.

Low maintenance

Let’s face it, keeping a natural lawn fresh, lush and green all year around calls for serious maintenance work. This means investing considerable time and money. You will have to water it, fertilize it and keep it healthy by keeping pests and other hazards away and so on.

Pet Friendly

An artificial lawn can take tough punishment and not be affected. Whether it’s the sun’s  ultra-violet rays, heavy Yorkshire rain, rough play or the wear and tear caused by pets. It can also resist pet urine. And don’t worry that your dog will be uncomfortable with this new kind of grass, because they don’t. Dogs treat this kind of grass as they would natural grass.


As we mentioned earlier, this kind of grass has been made to endure all kinds of wear and tear, and is made to stringent industry standards. Installing it means you will no longer endure muddy patches or worry about your dog digging holes. It can resist such damages and this makes it last longer.

Aesthetically appealing

Who would want to miss the chance to enjoy the pure elegance, lushness, and comfort a fake turf garden brings? It’s pleasing to the senses and is be one of those investments you will never regret to have made.

You may well have decided that an artificial lawn is for you, and now you need more information.

Maybe you would like to see an example lawn, see the different types of artificial grasses that are available, and learn what the process is and how long it takes?

Well we have made that easier by building our show garden. Here you can see a sample lawn and get all the information you need.

Why not visit our show garden when choosing your artificial grass?

We have an example lawn and many samples and information in our office.

You can find us here:

The Yard Wheathill Street
(Opposite BIG APPLE Play Centre)
Rotherham S60 1DE

Or to find out more about ditching your lawn mower, please call us now for a no obligation FREE quote on 01709 839844 or 07539 944454 or Email


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