Things to do in Sheffield

Things to do in Sheffield

The North of England is generally considered to be chilly and Sheffield has its fair share of cold days. However, that does not deter tourists and locals alike from enjoying the joys that the city has to offer. From cultural landmarks and buildings to nature at its best in the many parks dotting the city, there is something for everyone.

Here are the top things you must do while in this city:

Arts Tower

Take the paternoster lift at the Arts Tower

The tallest University building in the UK, the Arts Tower, contains the largest of the remaining paternoster lifts. A chilling characteristic of the Paternoster lifts is their lack of doors and constant movement. One literally has to jump on to get on board. This particular one does take you to the best views of the city at the top of the building. Mind you, you have to hop off first.

Visit the winter gardens and the Millennium Galleries

The winter gardens are next to the Millennium galleries and both are nestled right in the city centre. While the Millennium galleries is the city’s premier arts and design location which experiences a lot of human traffic, the winter gardens are a quieter, calming reprieve from all the commotion.

At the Millennium Galleries, you can see the city’s heritage from the metal work collections of centuries past or take part in impeccable touring exhibitions. The galleries are open all year round including public holidays with free entry.

the Millennium Galleries
The Sheffield Tap
Rutland Arms
The Riverside
The Rising Sun

Sample the ale

The city has been featured as one of the places with the best beer in the world by the New York Times. It features a huge number of pubs with different ambiences. For example, you will find the old timer bars which have open coal fires going and snugs as well as the more modern craft beer establishments. In Sheffield, a beer is always at hand after your run around. Drop by the following establishments for a nice drink

  • The Sheffield Tap
  • The Riverside
  • Rutland Arms
  • Daisy Arms
  • The Rising Sun

These are just some of the few incredible beer houses with the best ale in Sheffield.

Visit the Sheffield Cathedral

Still featuring the old Norman church stones which have a distinct dog-tooth pattern along the East wall, this cathedral is one of the oldest building in Sheffield. It also has several Tudor monuments within the Shrewsbury Chapel but of great note is the monument in honour of the 6th Earl of Shrewsbury. He was the guardian of Mary Queen of the Scots during her years of imprisonment in Sheffield.

the Sheffield Cathedral

Enjoy the Peak District

A 20-minute drive from the city is the Sheffield countryside which is peppered with breathtaking scenery. Key among the countryside’s attractions is the peak district. Here you will find England’s most enchanting villages, towns and hamlets.

The locals are welcoming and warm, the Peak District National Park has an extensive transportation network which allows you to visit the district without needing a car and there are ranger guided walks and events.You can also swim in the wild and enjoy country pubs all over the district.

Sheffield is a gem with nooks and crannies just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. The above places are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this exceptional city. There are many more places and who knows you may just discover a new treasure in Sheffield.